Monday, February 13, 2012

Mock drafting

I am hosting weekly mock drafts for Fantasy GameDay on Couch Managers this winter.  Anyone who is interested the link is here.  Password is FGD2, and the final digit will simply go up with each succeeding draft.  The writeup for the first mock is up at FGD, if you have an interest.  I will be hosting these every week through March (unless my draft schedule interferes) so if you have a particular format or date/time that work better for you, let me know.  I am very accommodating.
I am also excited about the league starting up again.  I'd be more excited if we could keep more than 6 players, but I will survive until 2013.  I do agree with Olin that a dynasty setup for our league would work well, with a minor league draft to pick up prospects.  I am in a few of those, and enjoy the prospecting of prospects a great deal.

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