Thursday, December 29, 2011


FROM OLIN (a.k.a. chatas)

Ok guys , here we go again .
It's time to discuss our intentions and the direction we want for our league .

Originally , the league was formulated with the idea of making it a full-keeper league , to include
a limited (true) minor league roster of about 4 - 6 players .
Since it was year one , we decided not push the minor league idea and went with a roster size of
26 players (instead of 30) .

Because we were a start-up group , including some managers with little or no roto experience ,
we were apprehensive about league turn-over .
The fear was , that if we jumped right into a full-keeper and lost 3 or 4 managers after the 1st year ,
that we would have difficulty finding replacement managers who were willing to take over full teams ,
that they had NO part in drafting .... especially if those teams really sucked .

So , it was decided to gradually evolve into a full-keeper and to give us some time to stabilize our
ownership .
The first year , (actually year number 2 ... the 2010 season) we started with 4 keepers .
Year 3 ... 2011 ... we progressed to 6 keepers ... scaling back from our intention to go to 8 keepers .

Year 4 ... the up-coming 2012 season , because of a lack of consensus (some call it apathy) ,
our Commissioner (Rich Justmann) , instead of sticking with our original plan of an orderly
progression of keepers .... 12 - 16 - 20 etc ... decided to REPEAT the 2011 season and hold the
status quo on keepers .... meaning that , for 2012 , we would again have 6 keepers .
Again , the lack of a clear consensus , and the fear that we might lose some owners , we're the reasons
he made this decision .

NOW , is the time to decide on the number of keepers for the 2013 season .

I propose that , in addition to voicing your opinion about our league "direction" , that you
vote on the following options :
a) 6
b) 10
2) 14

PLEASE NOTE ... that we will decide on the number of keepers for 2013 BEFORE the 2012 draft .

There are 2 camps :
1st .... we should limit the number of keepers ... the fun is in the "drafting" .

2nd ... we should move towards full-keeper at a more accelerated pace ... right now , the number
of keepers is so low that it inhibits "trading" .

SO , we will , now , OPEN THE DISCUSSION on KEEPER SIZE for the 2013 SEASON .


  1. I vote to raise keepers to 10 for 2013. I also vote to cap keepers at that to allow drafting and increase trades.

    Kevin Leto

  2. 10 as well and cap it there...I wrote a long reply and lost it when I sent woes,.. Minors 4-squad tough to follow when brought up

    to majors have to drop one 0f 26 others...more to consider, 6 is tough this year alot of great players with potential will be left off teams for sure

    at ten more to take risks on as keepers.

    Happy New Year to all


    let's start

    Ron Stockton

  3. The 10 sounds good to me also. See how that goes and then adjust from there if necessary.

    Johnny Peppers

  4. I'm good with whatever the league decides. I like a deeper draft but also feel like managers should be rewarded for good decisions during the year --- which results in better keepers.

    So my opinion is firmly up in the air. Whatever the league wishes is fine with me.

    Rich Justmann

  5. I'd vote to never go higher than 10, though 6-8 is the right range for a long term keeper league in my mind.

    Andy Horovitz

  6. Hey Guys .... I wanted to make my position clear on the Keeper Size for 2013 .

    Axiom #1 : More keepers allow More trades

    Axiom #2 : More trades allow for quicker , possible improvement ... than No trades .

    We have seen how difficult (impossible) it is to pull off a trade , while only keeping 4 - 6 players .
    We have been at this for almost 4 years now , and trades are almost non-existent .

    The reason for this is , unless someone is willing to trade their team captain for another guy's
    team captain (ex: miggy for braun) , most other one-for-one trades simply do not work .
    And really , how many of you want to trade your team captain ?

    I am voting to increase our keeper size to 14 players for 2013 .
    And , I hope some of you will join me .

    If we have more trades , it will allow some teams to make a run for the gold , this year ,
    and other teams to RE-BUILD for next year .

    Everyone will have a reason to remain interested and "play it out" to the end of the season .
    This will cut down on absentee owners , and guys who "give up" managing their teams , if
    they are out of the running by all-star break .

    As a compromise , I COULD live with 10 ... it certainly is better than what we have now .
    And even at 10 , I think we will see MUCH more trade activity ... especially of the 2 for 1
    and 3 for 2 types , maybe even 4 for 2 , and allow us to manage our teams better .

    And THAT will make this league more exciting and more competitive for everyone .

    suppose we voted on 14 keepers ... and it turned out to be a miserable failure , for what-ever
    horrible reason that your mind could imagine .
    Is there any reason to believe that we couldn't vote to return to 6 keepers for 2014 ??

    Thanks for listening.

    Olin Forman (chatas)

  7. I am with Olin, I want as many keepers as possible. I vote for 14. I play in all sorts of leagues, from pure redraft to dynasty. I like to have a draft, even if it is a minor league draft only (dynasty leagues). But I also like the reward of picking up young players that develop into stars and you need a decent (read: large) number of keepers to be able to pull off that strategy.

    The major problem with dynasty leagues is that poor decisions or injuries can leap up and bite you in the ass. With a yearly draft, we could overcome that potential problem.

    So, in summary, I vote for 14, or at least 10 keepers. As always, however, I will abide by the majority opinion.

    Ivar G. Anderson
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  8. I'd go with 6 maybe 8, as I dig the draft.

    Steve Smith