Monday, January 2, 2012

Manager Backgrounds


I have put together a little questionnaire.  And yes , some of your responses will be featured in an up-coming "newsletter" , and maybe even twisted around and used against you (especially questions #6 and #12) .

I'm not asking for any top-secret draft strategies here , but I think it's important for us to get
to know each other a little better .
1. age
2. marital status
3. occupation
4. favorite outdoor activity
5. favorite vacation spot
6. favorite major league team
7. favorite major league ballpark to see a game
8. how long have you been playing fantasy baseball
9. how many fantasy baseball teams did you have in 2011
10. how many fantasy baseball teams do you plan on having in 2012
11. do you play in "money" leagues
12. when you were 12 years old , who was your baseball hero

There has been some "discussion" about turning CouchManagers' into a money league.  That discussion has been "tabled" , thus far.  (We feel that we have a great group of managers , and , at this point , we don't want to do anything  that would jeopardize our union) .  HOWEVER , in an attempt to improve on just "bragging rights" , we would like to enhance our prize structure .

13. would you be willing (starting in 2012) to "donate" $10 to a winner-take-all Champion's Prize .
(the idea here is to award our Champion a MLB Gift Certificate in the amount of $140.  We envision that the winner would use this prize money to purchase the MLBtv package ... about 100-120$ , and maybe get a hat) .

14. would you be willing to "donate" $20 (total) so that 2nd and 3rd place could be awarded smaller certificates .  (someone suggested to make it $25 , but ....putting a $20 bill in an envelope seems simpler) .



    1. 52

    2. Widowed

    3. Attorney and fantasy writer for Fantasy Alarm (Fantasy Gameday is an unpaid gig-a labor of love, so to speak).

    4. Running, then drinking cold beer

    5. Paris, or any ballpark-MLB or minors-this summer I hit Target Field, Wrigley, U S Cellular Field (new Comiskey Park) and Wade Stadium in Duluth, MN (home of the Huskies) summer's schedule includes Pittsburgh, Philly, New York, D.C. and Baltimore.

    6. Tigers

    7. Comerica Park here in Detroit (easy access) but Target Field was a fantastic new stadium, too.

    8. I started with football in 2004 but had my first baseball teams in 2005, so 7 years.

    9. I think it was 30

    10. Not many fewer, but I say that every year and it never seems to work out.

    11. Yes

    12. Al Kaline with Mickey Lolich a close second

    13. Certainly, without hesitation...I enjoy contributing to some else's good fortune.

    14. Not a problem, whatever the majority agrees to do is fine by me.

    I truly appreciate all your efforts on behalf of the league, Olin. If you need any help with the newsletter, let me know...I do have responsibilities to Fantasy Alarm and Gameday but love to write (witness my terse answers above).

    Ivar G. Anderson
    "What's the rumpus?"
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    Thanks for great season (however short mine was). Really psyched about next season.

    1. 25
    2. living with girlfriend & her daughter
    3. commercial mover
    4. baseball
    5. Lake George, NY
    6. NY Mets
    7. Camden Yards
    8. over 10 years
    9. 6
    10. 4-6
    11. yes
    12. Mike Piazza
    13. I'm down
    14. I'm down

    Everyone on my team is on the block...


    Gents, here's the input from my end.

    1. 56
    2. Married with three children.
    3. Software Sales
    4. I play a lot of tennis. Year round activity here in Atlanta.
    5. Like them all.
    6. Milwaukee Brewers
    7. Turner Field
    8. Since 2004
    9. Four
    10. Probably about the same
    11. Yes
    12. Joe Torre
    13. Yes, definitely
    14. Yes, definitely.

    Big O, thanks for doing this. Good idea.


    Here you go:

    1. 45
    2. Married with two kids - both girls, aged 6 and 8
    3. Content Operations Manager for a mobile internet website
    4. Golf
    5. Coromandel Peninsula (New Zealand)
    6. No hard and fast favourite, but have a slight soft spot for the Cardinals
    7. Much to my regret, can't answer this one - yet!
    8. Since 2003
    9. 6
    10. 5 probably
    11. Play in one.
    12. Wouldn't really have had one at that age, but I do remember that the first baseball biography I read was of George Brett. And thanks to this book here:

    I have become a great admirer of Bob Gibson. The book also explains the answer to 6, above ;-) For anyone that hasn't read it, I strongly recommend that you do so.

    13. Yep
    14. Yep


    1. 35 (36 on Friday)
    2. Married for 13 years
    3. Minister
    4. Anything my sons want to do outside
    5. Vail, CO
    6. Cubs
    7. Wrigley
    8. Since 1991
    9. 5
    10. 4-5
    11. Yes
    12. Ryne Sandberg (hopefully, the next Cubs manager!)
    13. In theory, yes. In reality, maybe.
    14. See #13.


    1- 54 END OF NOV.
    2- married 20 yrs.
    3- 11-7 shift overnight at hotel in Boston near Logan/special rates for Managers.
    4-walking any Beach
    5-Rollercoaster ride of RedSox
    6-Roar of Fenway/Pawtucket RedSox latest new visit
    12- ( HAD TO JUMP) group but 1-has to be YAZ. Bill Lee, Tony Conigliaro, Carlton Fisk number 40. not his 27 or 72
    7- roar @ FENWAY
    8-around 10
    10-only 6 at the most I hope.
    11- 1-now for past 8 years Got hooked.
    12- SEE ABOVE...I WAS 12 and Fisk was at my little league banquet that year too.
    13- sure but I wouldn't get the MLB PACKAGE SORRY.
    14- 2nd and third are deserving for their battle @ COUCH MANAGERS FANTASY

    keep up the great work Big O/ Ivar/ and Dick J.
    let's get trading I need hitting~~~lol


    1. age 40
    2. marital status 7 years
    3. occupation Buyer for a defense company--we put the gatling guns on the US fighter planes
    4. favorite outdoor activity - swimming in a lake, gorge, stream, or swimming hole
    5. favorite vacation spot - Acadia National Park in Maine
    6. favorite major league team - The all time winningest New York Yankees.
    7. favorite major league ballpark to see a game - Safeco
    8. how long have you been playing fantasy baseball - 10 to 15 years
    9. how many fantasy baseball teams did you have in 2011 - Four
    10. how many fantasy baseball teams do you Plan on having in 2012 - Three
    11. do you play in "money" leagues - yes
    12. when you were 12 years old , who was your baseball hero - Luis Tiant or Willie Randolph


    1. 42
    2. Single
    3. Sales
    4. Hunting/Fishing
    5. Salzburg
    6. Reds
    7. PNC Park
    8. 5 years
    9. 4
    10. 4
    11. Yes
    12. David Concepcion
    13. Yes
    14. Yes


    1. age - 38
    2. marital status - Married 11 years
    3. occupation - Attorney/HR Consultant
    4. favorite outdoor activity - watching live sporting event
    5. favorite vacation spot - any all-inclusive on the beach + Italy and Paris
    6. favorite major league team - Mets
    7. favorite major league ballpark to see a game - Coors Field, though I'm hoping to see Citi Field soon
    8. how long have you been playing fantasy baseball - probably 15 years
    9. how many fantasy baseball teams did you have in 2011- 5
    10. how many fantasy baseball teams do you plan on having in 2012 - 4
    11. do you play in "money" leagues - Yes
    12. when you were 12 years old , who was your baseball hero - the entire 1985 Mets team, mostly Daryl Strawberry

    For money, not big on it being a roto league and being in other money kid #2 on the way, but if not too much I'll probably consider.

  10. Forgot to include Olin's answers to his original background E-Mail. Here they are.


    1. 60
    2. married
    3. recently retire
    4. fly-fishing for trout
    5. costa rica
    6. A's
    7. Camden Yards
    8. about 10 years
    9. five
    10. two maybe three
    11. yes
    12. Jerry Lumpe
    13. YES
    14. ok


    We have added a couple of new members recently .... and I don't wish to down-play the importance of
    either Kevin or Johnny .... (I welcome them both ... and see them as great additions to our league) .
    BUT ,
    because Alfonso did NOT answer our personal info questionnaire , I wanted to give you guys the
    benefit of some of my insight .
    Alfonso has been my friend for over 10 years . I met him while we were both working as Table Games
    Supervisors for the Mohegan Sun Casino , here in Connecticut .
    3 years ago , he moved to Florida and is making a better life for he and his family , while employed
    at another casino .
    Like most married men .... his wife is the "smart one" of the family .
    He recently turned 40 years of age and is dealing with that crisis .
    Alfonso speaks limited english ... and his writing is even worse ... though in both areas , he has much
    more command than I will ever have with spanish .
    Should you ever receive an e-mail or see a posting from Alfonso with correct spelling , you can be sure that his wife wrote it .
    He is a true sports "junkie" and plays in small dollar ($100 or less) h2h leagues in baseball , football ,
    and basketball and has done so for over 10 years .
    He is too old for out-door activity but insists on playing in soft-ball and basketball work leagues .
    5 years ago he broke his right ankle , trying to turn a single into a double , which resulted in his wife
    having to chauffeur him around for a bit .
    Alfonso is a life-long Cleveland Indians fan ... and has had his heart broken by them many , many times .
    His hero is Roberto Clemente ... always has been ... always will be ... though , at times , it seems like
    any Puerto Rican will do (like long-gone Gonzalez) .
    Alfonso insists that he wear #7 for whichever team he plays .

    He recently called me to say thanks for the t-shirt .
    He is VERY concerned that his pitching sucks ... and asked how to go about making trades .
    He generally will not think about baseball until after fantasy football season closes ... so don't expect
    him to initiate any off-season trades .
    Should you wish to discuss an off-season trade with Alfonso , it will prompt him to call me (a good thing) , and between us , and his wife , you might get a response .

  12. Lloyd Souza (stangnut)

    #1 56
    #2 married 34yrs
    #3 automotive parts sales
    #4 playing softball, coaching youth sports
    #5 carmel ca
    #6 SF Giants
    #7 Att/Pac Bell
    #8 6 yrs
    #9 5
    #10 5
    #11 yes
    #12 Willie Mays
    #13 yes
    #14 yes

  13. Johnny (Plump Snugglers)

    Updated as I've had a few changes:

    #4--to be determined
    #5--to be determined
    #7--Fenway (only one I've been to)
    #8--8 years
    #12-Johnny Bench