Tuesday, January 10, 2012

IP Limit

Hey guys.  I've gotten some feedback on reducing the Innings Pitched limit to 1650 innings.  Let me know your thoughts.  I would not anticipate it going lower in future years.  Thanks.


  1. RJ :

    i understand that you're of the opinion that a "true" league should reflect the value of middle relievers and set-up men .
    on this , we both agree .

    however , as we have seen , having an absurd IP Limit is akin to having NO limit .

    having an IP limit in the "1800 - unlimited" range does NOT encourage owners to roster middle relievers , at all .
    The only thing it accomplishes is : having owners , who are in contention for the league title , run around like chickens with their heads cut off ... starting about the 1st week of september ... picking up any and every SP available , out of fear of losing ground in the K's and Wins categories .

    this does not promote good pitching management .
    in fact , it hurts it .

    if you want to bring middle relievers and set-up men into play , a better way to do this would be to add a Holds category , and , maybe change our league to a 6x6 .

    even an IP limit of 1650 is too high ...
    here's the math ==> 162 games/season x 10 innings per game = 1620 innings .

    but , don't just take my word for it , ask around ... see what the IP limit is in other leagues .

    last year , i was in an 'experts' and readers league , over at Fantasy Game Day ... as was Ivar , ... played at ESPN .
    there , the IP limit was 1250 ... and while i might be the 1st to agree that 1250 is way too low for an IP limit , only the CouchManagers (and the JOML) league has had an IP Limit of OVER 1500 innings .

    i encourage every owner to check our archives to see how many innings their teams actually pitched over the previous 3 seasons .
    YOU KNOW how much effort you had to put into managing your pitching staff .

    i think that most of us will appreciate the lower (1650 innings) limit for 2012 , and some (after monitoring their staff this year) may wish to lower this limit to 1500 for the 2013 season .
    only time , and your reflection , will tell .

    until then , try and find some time during this year to think about expanding our league to a 6x6 .
    because , i agree with our commish ... we SHOULD find some way to incorporate the value of middle relievers into our league ... and i DO like the idea of adding a HOLDS category ...
    i'm just not bright enough to come up with another hitting category to suggest one at this time .

    any ideas ??

    later ,

  2. Thanks, Big O. As usual you are quite persuasive. Let's see what everyone says.